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March 19-21
Uvita, Costa Rica
Bitcoin circular economy
Can't make it?
Built for virtual first

a free unconference

Both free & freeing

Nostr frees people from platforms. Nostrica celebrates nostr's decentralization.

Unconference online events, in-person admission tickets & shared meals are free. (thanks to jack shaka hand emoticon)

*you still need to find a way to cover travel and lodging expenses.
The lodging assistance section has possible discounted accomodations. ⤢

nostr is coming together

Seeing each other IRL (Uvita, Costa Rica)


Joining in cyberspace


Can we count you in?

built in public

The nostr community is joining forces to plan nostrica and make it special for those joining online and IRL.

Family friendly

Nym friendly and privacy mindful

Workshops, conversations, music...

Opportunities to give-back

Join the planning Agenda WIP

greet spring by the ocean

Uvita, Costa Rica

Bitcoin circular economy

Bitcoin Jungle friends on the ground

What to do

There will be shuttles available for #nostrica conference attendees from SJO airport to Uvita. Cost will be $25-50 per person each way. If you would like to share a ride with other Nostriches to/from the Airport, fill out the form below. Please fill this out as soon as your flights are booked, so that the organizers can start planning this. As we get closer to the event, we will share more info on reserving ride spots, etc.

Nostrich Group Transportation

Need a visa to enter Costa Rica?
We can help. Please DM us A.S.A.P. on our official nostrica nostr: npub1nstrcu63lzpjkz94djajuz2evrgu2psd66cwgc0gz0c0qazezx0q9urg5l

giving back

Nostr & nostrica care about the local community

we're having ways of giving back online & in-person

Table Setting

Limited edition Nostrica '23

By the Lightning Store

T-shirt or tank top

Inspired by Costa Rican art/culture, 80's gift shops and the Nostr community of course. 🤙

All net proceeds will be donated to local Costa Rican charities. TBD.


nostr spirit

carried in words from the community

nostr community wall

share your #nostrica journey

Nostr Vibes Tidal Playlist


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